Photo Upload Form

This is where you can upload the photos that we will need to complete your custom artwork!

PLEASE READ the instructions for how to submit a REALLY good photo or set of photos so that your artwork turns out as amazing as possible!

Although we are happy to combine photos to create one cohesive portrait, it's best to have as FEW photos as possible. Using this form, you can submit up to 3 photos PER PIECE of art ordered, and it's best if you send ONE form upload PER piece of art you ordered.

The BEST portraits we create come from good photos.

PET portraits and HOME portraits are more straightforward. Your home or pet will be painted in the pose or position they are in the photo, so send a photo that you want reproduced into a painting. We also can't paint what we don't see! We'll still gladly paint your portrait with your photos, but if you want to be specific about what you want painted, it MUST be shown in the photos. 

You're welcome to point out different things about the portrait that you want the artist to notice. For example, clothing color, hair color, height of people, etc...

Keep this in mind and try to follow these rules when you're sending over your photos for a FAMILY portrait:

  • Ideally, you will either be ALL sitting or ALL standing, since that's how the portrait will be painted. Your portrait will be painted just how your photo looks, so people sitting in the photo will still be sitting in the painting.
  • We need to see your faces! People will be painted with their faces toward the camera, so your photos need to show that so we're not guessing as to what your face looks like!
  • Ideally, we need you to show your mid-thigh or the waist and up in the photos. It's hard to paint or create part of a human that we can't see in the photos.
  • Selfies are NOT good photos for family portraits. They don't show enough of your body! Set a timer and step back a little in order to get enough of your bodies. It's also easier for us to see people grouped together in your photo(s) if you're hoping to show us relative heights and sizes of all the people in the portrait!
  • We try to emphasize the people in the photos, and usually portraits will be drawn from the waste up or from the mid-thigh up, so you don't need to worry about the shoes you're wearing.
  • If you want someone to be holding a child (rather than having them standing up) that is not being held in the photos you send, please let us know using the form below!
  • As for clothing, you'll be painted wearing the clothing you're wearing in the photo, generally speaking. FOR EXAMPLE, if you're wearing a t-shirt and jeans in your photo, we won't be able to put you in a dress without a photo of you in a dress, but we CAN easily change the colors of clothing if you want us to.
  • If you feel the urge to send a lot of photos or to submit multiple forms below with extra pictures "for reference," just know that it's actually not as helpful as you might think. Generally it adds more confusion to have so many photos to look through! It's best for us if you just pick up to 3 of your BEST photos and send those.
  • Use #0000 as your order number if you don't have yours. Just make sure to use the name you used when you ordered!

 That said, use the form below to send us your photos!