Artwork Order Survey

Here are the further details regarding the choices you have with your art order.

If you'll need a downloadable / printable voucher to be given as a gift, you can dowload that here:  Downloadable Voucher PDF

Keep in mind, not all customers who ordered prior to Christmas qualified for shipping or delivery prior to Christmas. Because of many circumstances beyond our control, some orders still missed the deadline. 

In order to qualify for shipping prior to Christmas, these were the requirements that had to be met:

  1. When you placed your order, the product page indicated a shipping date that was prior to Christmas.
  2. You uploaded your photos WITHIN 48 HOURS. This is crucial, because if you didn't, other customers moved up in line in front of you and orders are completed in the order we receive the photos!

Now, if these requirements were met and we were unable to ship your artwork to you before Christmas, then you have a decision to make!

As mentioned in the email we sent you, there are 2 options, which we have outlined below:


Option 1 - DOUBLE Your Order

For every portrait or custom painting you ordered that was not shipped prior to Christmas, you can get another custom painting. 

Since orders come in with multiple different artwork sizes and numbers of family members to include, we have a system so that you your additional custom paintings you qualify for will be able to match up with the family being painted.

If you ordered a painting on paper, then your additional painting can be ANY size, up to 12x16. You'll be able to indicate the preferred size when you upload your photos.

If you ordered a canvas painting, your additional painting will be the identical size.

As for the number of people in your paintings, you'll qualify for the GREATER of either 4 family members included OR the same number of people included in your original portrait. You don't have to use all of your qualified family members if your additional painting is for a smaller family.

Use the form below to indicate your choice!


Option 2 - REFUND

If you'd rather receive a refund than additional artwork, please indicate that below. We can refund you for any artwork that has not been shipped prior to Christmas if you qualified for a pre-Christmas shipping date. Over the next few days we'll be sorting through the responses and you'll be notified when the refund has taken place.

Please indicate this below as well!


The form below is to indicate your choice but not to upload your photos if you chose option 1. We'll send you a separate link to upload those photos after you've made a decision below.